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urban jungle


' Started in 2017 and still ongoing, this series of work opens a dialogue between cityscape and wild landscape and most especially jungle-like environment which have been an ongoing fascination for me. It raises questions about the relationship between our kind and our surroundings, the imposed force or the complicity we have with nature in its general form. More subtly, it also hides deeper meanings such as trust and our elevation beyond our races. '

Scar cities


' Started in 2014 in London and still ongoing from New York City until now, this series has evolved with my moves and my experience in each city. Urbanscape based, for the most part, those artworks highlight human prowess and achievements by overcoming fear, alienation, deception and impossible challenges in spite of all cost.'

Based on a true story


'Made between 2013 and 2014, this trilogy narrates a failed romance based on a true story. The title of the paintings back to back borrow words from a notorious Rock band to tell the tale. Everything unfolds under a willow tree growing and evolving with the main character and its mood, moving from painting to painting.

Each artwork took 3 months of work and conceals hidden words and images in the thorough details of the tree bark and leaves.'

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